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Major Settlement in the Parish of Middleton

Historical Forms

  • Russedal(e) 1130–c.1158 ChR 1201 MaryY 1155–70
  • Rossedal(e) 1186–95 YCh 1541 Dugdiii.570
  • Rossdale 1328 Ch
  • Rosedale, Rosedall 1376,1390 Test 1408 YI 1420 Test
  • Rosedaile 1561 FF
  • Rosdale 1416 YI 1577 Saxton


'Russi's valley' from the ON  by-name Russi (LindBN); most of the dale-names in this part of the Riding have a pers. name as their first element. The long vowel in Rose - is quite a late phenomenon and is due to folk-etymology, as in Roseden (PN NbDu s.n.). v. dæl .