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Major Settlement in the Parish of Middlesbrough

Historical Forms

  • Mid(e)lesburc(h), Mid(e)lesburgh 1114–40 Whitby 1314 NRS
  • Middelburg(h) 1273 YI c.1291 Tax 1613 Dugdiii.692
  • Medellesburghe 1285 KI
  • Medilsburghe 1395 Whitby
  • Middelesburgh, Middlesbrough 1407 YI 1665 Visit


v. burh . The first element is the OE  pers. name Midele , not found independently; cf. Middlesmoor (YWR), Midelesmore 1346 Percy, and the name of a lost field Midelesmar (Percy) near Scalby.

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