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Major Settlement in the Parish of Mashamshire

Historical Forms

  • Elingestrengge 1198 Fount
  • Elingstring 1279–81 QW 1316 Vill
  • El(l)ynstrynge, Ellingstring(e), Ellyngstring(e) 1285 KI 1361 FF 1369 BM 1571 FF


The first element is an OE  Elling , a derivative of the OE  name Ella found in Ellington infra , or the name may be formed from Ella with the same use of ing to link the pers. name to the suffix, as in the ingtun names. The second is ON  strengr 'water-course,' which enters into the Norw  p.n. Strengen (NG i. 17, 91, etc.). The form -string arises from the ME  sound- change of eng to ing (cf. the forms of Ingleby 167supra ).