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Major Settlement in the Parish of Liverton

Historical Forms

  • Liuretun 1086 DB
  • Livertun 1165–75 YCh p.1180 Whitby
  • Liverton(a), Lyverton(a) 1175–80 YCh 1181 P
  • Leverton c.1200 BM 1300 YI 1571 FF 1577 Saxton


With this name cf. Liverpool (Ekwall, PN La 117), Liversedge (YWR), DBLiuresech , and Livermere (Sf), Liuremere 12 BM, Lyvermere 1224 ClR. The first element is probably in each case a stream-name which Professor Ekwall connects with OE  lyfrig (-blōd ), ME  livered 'coagulated, clotted.' The Norw river- name Levra , earlier Lifr - 'stream with thick water' (Rygh, NElv 145, s.v. Lifr -) is a parallel to the stream-name contained in these English place-names. Liverton stands on Liverton Beck. v. tun .

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site