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Major Settlement in the Parish of Leake

Historical Forms

  • Landemot(e) 1086 DB 1088 LVD51 a.1157 Percy 1208 1285 KI 1313 Whitby
  • Landmot 1231 Ass 1359 FF
  • Landemoth 1291 Riev
  • Lamouth 1506 Sanct
  • Lanmouth 1577 Saxton 1616 NR
  • Lamoth 1614 NR


'District meeting-place' v. land , (ge)mot. Landmoth is on the top of a steep hill overlooking Cod Beck and near to the main road from Thirsk to Stokesley. The final element is found again in Skirmett (PN Bk xvii. 180) and as the first element of OE  gemotbeorh (Ha), BCS 392, and in such compounds as “Sancti Petri wapentacmot nec Tredingmot nec sckiresmot ” (1316 Abbr 334). Landmoth is not far from either Northallerton or Fingay Hill 213infra and this contiguity is paralleled by that of Skirmett and Fingest in Bk (loc. cit .). They are probably alternative Riding or wapentake meeting-places. For a similar group v. PN Wo 166 s.n. Stoulton.

On the development of the last element to -moth cf. Catterick 242infra .

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