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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kirkdale

Historical Forms

  • Winbeltun, Wilbetun 1086 DB
  • Wimbaltuna 1145–53 Leon35
  • Wimbeltun c.1159,1154–63 Riev 1190–1200 Bodla.i.30 c.1250 Malton
  • Wimbelton(a), Wymbelton(a) 1231 Ass 1233 Cl 1385 Baildon
  • Wimbilton, Wymbylton 13 Malton 1285 KI 1417 YI
  • Wimilton c.1260 Malton
  • Wimbleton 1301 LS
  • Wymbulton 1399 YI


From the OE  personal name Wynnbeald or Winebeald and tun . The modern form is due to the development of i to [u] in the neighbourhood of r and w as in such names as Ruddings, Runswick, Ruswarp and Ruswick 85, 121, 139, 191infra .

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