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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirkdale

Historical Forms

  • Kirkedale 1202 FF
  • Kirkdale 1518 Test
  • Kyrkdayle 1572 FF


'Church valley' v. kirkja , dæl . A church existed here before the conquest for “Orm Gamalsuna bought the church of St. Gregory when it was badly in disrepair and ruinous, and he had it rebuilt from the ground for Christ and St. Gregory in the days of king Edward and the earl Tosti.” (Inscription translated from OE on the famous dial-stone at Kirkdale Church 1055–65.) The same church is recorded in DB, where the place is called Chirchebi ; v. kirkja , by . Like the name of the place, the name of the man who built the church is of Scandinavian origin; Orm is from OWScand  Ormr and Gamal from OWScand  Gamall , whilst the patronymic Gamalsuna is of a Scandinavian type.

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