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Major Settlement in the Parish of Coxwold

Historical Forms

  • Eureslage 1086 DB
  • Euereslei 1176 P
  • Eueresley(a) 13 BylE 1303 Var
  • Euersle, Euerslegh, Euersley 1204 ChR 1304 Var
  • Yeveresleye 1304 Var
  • Yeuersley, Yeuerslay, Yhevereslay 1327 Banco 1399,1406 YI
  • Yearesley 1577 Saxton 1613 NR


'Eofor's forest-clearing' v. leah . Forssner is uncertain whether Eofor - existed in OE as a name-theme (the only independent example of the name in OE  is in Beowulf ), but Eofor seems to be a native theme in Eoforhuaet and Eofuruulf (LVD), Euerwacer (KCD 811), etc. (v. Müller, Namen des nordhumbrischen Liber Vitae , 80). As a patronymic it enters into Everingham (YER), Euringham 1086 DB. It is from OE  eofor 'wild boar' (cf. Everley 115supra ). For the development of prosthetic y -, through stress-shifting in the OE diphthong, v. Anglia , xxxiv. 293 ff.