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Major Settlement in the Parish of Coxwold

Historical Forms

  • Cuha-walda 757–8 BCS184
  • Cucualt 1086 DB
  • Cukewald' 1154–89 MaryH6d 1304 BM
  • Cukwald 1196 Dugdv.353 1243 BylE 1406 YI
  • Cukewaud' 1231 Ass
  • Cokewald, Kokewald 1284 Baildon 1443 YD
  • Cucawald 1308 Ch
  • Cookwold 1545 BM
  • Cuckwould 1577 Saxton
  • Cuckoldie 1579 Cai
  • Cockwould 1665 Visit


The letter which contains the earliest form (BCS 184), though hardly to be accepted in its present shape, undoubtedly contains ancient and authentic matter, and there is no reason to mistrust the form Cuhawalda . It suggests that the first element of this name is an otherwise unknown OE  pers. name Cuha . The development to later Cuk - has its parallel in Cockfield (Sf) from earlier Cohhanfeld (KCD 685). The s is pseudo-genitival.v. w(e)ald.