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Major Settlement in the Parish of Burneston

Historical Forms

  • Ghetenesbi, Chenetesbi 1086 DB
  • Gaitaneby 1184 RichReg
  • Gaitenebi 1228 Dugdv.576
  • Geytenby, Gaytenby 1270 YI 1285 KI 1298 YI
  • Gaytanby 1316 Vill
  • Gaittyngby 1542 RichWills
  • Gatonby 1563 FF


The name Normanby 226supra indicates that there were occasional settlements of Norwegians in this district and it is probable that Gatenby also points to Norwegian influence of the Irish type. Lindkvist (53) suggests that the name is from ON  *geita-nes -býr 'farm on the goats' tongue of land,' but this can hardly be correct, for we should in this case expect nes to preserve its identity later than DB. More probably Gatenby means 'Gaithan's farm' from the OIr  pers. name Gaithen (Annals of the Four Masters) and by . Forms with -ene in the p.n. are traces of the use of the OIr  gen. form Gaithain . Cf. Revue Celtique , xliv. 48 and Lackenby 159supra .

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