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Major Settlement in the Parish of Bolton on Swale

Historical Forms

  • Chipeling 1086 DB
  • Kypplyng 1184 RichReg 1285 KI c.1300 RichReg
  • Kepling 1205 OblR
  • Kiplyng, Kyplyng 13 Easby 1269 1328 Banco
  • Kipeling, Kypeling 1301 LS 1408 YI
  • Kyplin 1576 FF


Probably 'the settlement of the Cippelings' from an OE  Cippelingas , though one would have expected forms in inges , but cf. Lilling 32supra . The pers. n. Cippela (not adduced in independent use) is probably a diminutive formed by the suffix -ila from OE  Cippa , a pers. n. found in Chippenham, etc. v. ing . One should perhaps compare Cippelinges 1336ForP 205 d , the name of a lost place in Goathland. See further Ekwall, PN in -ing 95.

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