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Little Smeaton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Birkby

Historical Forms

  • Smidetun(e), Smitune 1086 DB
  • In litle Smithetune 1088 LVD50d
  • Parva Smitheton 1199 ChR 1316 Vill
  • Smedeton 1200 Abbr
  • Smiton parva 1285 KI
  • Litill Smeton 1530 Visit


'The smiths' farm' v. tun . The first element is OE  smið .The modern form arises from lengthening of OE ĭ in an open syllable as in Upleatham 153supra , with subsequent lowering to [eː] and raising to [iː]. Cf. Great Smeaton 281infra .

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Major Settlement