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Stratton Strawless

Major Settlement in the Parish of Stratton Strawless

Historical Forms

  • Stratuna, Estratuna 1086 DB
  • Stratton 1199 FF 1242–3 Fees 1254–75 Val 1302to1428 FA 1314 Ipm 1422 BM
  • Stretton 1221 FF 1359 Pat
  • Strattona 1227 Bract
  • Strattone 1269 Ass 1346 FA 1360 AD
  • Startton 1286 ib
  • Stratton Streles 1269 FF 1447 AD
  • Little Stratton 1314 Ipm
  • Stratton juxta Buxton 1345,1363,1366 FF
  • Stratton Streules 1347 Cl
  • Stratton Strelees 1348 FF
  • Parva Stratton 1357 FF
  • Stratton Straylesse 1663 LothianMSS


OE  strǣt 'Roman road, paved road' and tūn. There are about a dozen Strattons in England and nearly all of them are on Roman roads (v. DEPN). In the present case the road referred to may be one leading to the Roman settlement at Brampton (Blomefield VI330). Strawless (strēaw - lēas ) means 'devoid of straw'. This name is said to have been given because the heavy clay of the ground made corn growing unprofitable.The manor became the property of the Marsham family in the time of Edward I.