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Wayford Bridge, Wayford Farm, Wayford Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stalham

Historical Forms

  • Ponte 1257 Ass
  • Wardeforthebrugge 1363 Seld
  • Wayford bridge 1829 NfT
  • Wafer bridge 1829 ib


Wayford Bridge, Wayford Farm, Wayford Wood, Ponte 1257(p)Ass , Wardeforthebrugge 1363 Seld, Wayford bridge 1829 NfT, Wafer bridge 1829ib . The bridge apparently took the place of the ford across the river Ant. The earliest spelling suggests that the first component was originally OScand  varða, varði 'heap of stones' or OE  weard 'watch', also 'district', followed by ford .