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Major Settlement in the Parish of Runham

Historical Forms

  • Ronham, Romham 1086 DB
  • Ronham 1306 QW 1427 FF
  • Runnaham 1163 BM
  • Runham 1165etfreqto1211 P 1196,1224,1225 Cur 1212 Fees 1226to1350 Cl 1227,1227–52,1229 Ch 1223etfreqto1438 FF 1237–57 Holme 1254–75 Val 1257,1269(2x),1286 Ass 1273etfreqto1328 Ipm 1275 RH 1316 FA 1339,1419 Fine 1330 SR 1342to1485 Pat 1464to1480 Past 1468 Bodl 1535 VE
  • Runnham 1475 Past
  • Rewenham 1382 Pat
  • Rounham 1467–72 ECP 1470 Past
  • Rowneham 1470 ib


The early forms point to a first el. with a short u , so it may be OE  hruna 'a fallen or felled tree-trunk', used in the sense 'footbridge, bridge formed by a single tree-trunk' (v. Löfvenberg 174 f.), followed by hām or hamm . This first el. would seem more appropriate to the latter, but an OE  pers.n. *Rūna (corresponding to OG  Runo , OWScand  Rúni , OSw  Rune ), with shortening of the vowel, may also be considered, as Ekwall suggests (DEPN). Cf. Runhall (Forehoe Hundred).