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novel Conger

Field in the Parish of Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby and Ormesby St Michael

Historical Forms

  • novel Conger c.1300 Surv
  • Ancien Conggere c.1300 Surv
  • Long conges c.1300 Surv
  • Short Konger c.1300 Surv


novel Conger,Ancien Conggere, Long conges, Short Konger c. 1300 Surv Cleres(conge is amysterious word, whose meaning has been suggested to be'bend', but this is veryuncertain; v. DEPN s.n. Congham and Congleton, also The Conge underYarmouth street-names infra. In forms like Conger(e) we might have the OFrsuffix -ere2 unless it is OE  ærn'house' with loss of final n after r(Feilitzen §78). Cf. manor called Kunigere for Old Hall supra)