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Meer 's Eight Acres

Field in the Parish of Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby and Ormesby St Michael

Historical Forms

  • 1838 TA


Meer's Eight Acres(near theparish boundary with Filby, v.(ge)mǣre'boundary'; beside meanings such as'boundary, boundary road', meer, mere, mear is recorded as a dial. word inNorfolk in the sense'a balk or strip of grass left as a boundary in common fieldsor between different properties' EDD s.v.; using linguistic material alone, itcannot be distinguished from mere1'pool', but(ge)mǣre is the most likely in Nffield-names, as was early emphasised by Candler in NfA 11, 1892: 164; cf.Carmannesmere 1423 infra)