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Early-attested site in the Parish of Martham

Historical Forms

  • Escou, Esco 1086 DB


Sco (a lost hamlet between Martham and Repps), Escou , Esco 1086 DB (with a prothetic E -, v. Zachrisson 49), Sco Field 1292Stowe , Marthamsco 1298 NfD, Skougheythe 1313Acc Martham , Stogh (sic)1334(p) FF, Skow 1383Ct Martham , Skowsfengote 1350ib , Skowesyk 1470ib , Skowfaldeyate 1502ib ; v. skógr 'wood', also found in Haddisco, Clavering Hundred. This was a small vill in DB.Originally the name would seem to have referred to an area of woodland in Martham, Repps and Rollesby (v. Scogapp 1466 in Repps with Bastwick and Skowhills 1608 in Rollesby infra ).Skowsfengote , Skowesyk was a stream that ran to the river Thurne; it formed the boundary between Martham and Repps (v. fenn , sík 'ditch' and *gota 'water-course'). For the other second elements, v. heiðr , fald , falod and geat , 'fold gate'.