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Field in the Parish of Cawston

Historical Forms

  • Crakesloth 1417–8 Acc 1457 Ct 12 Sawyer


Crakesloth 1417–8 Acc, 1457 Ct Schram(from kráka'crow, raven',which also occurs as a ME surname(v. Reaney s.n. Crake), and OE  sloð'muddypool', not in the EPNE but evidenced in 785(12 Sawyer 124) BCS 245 in theboundaries of land at Aldenham Hrt, noted in Middendorff and Holthausen andcommented on by Lindström in ESts 74: 133–7; cf. PN Nf II 106. Crakesloth occursfrequently as a ME surname: Reginald de Crakesloth 1258 FF, Mich. de Crakesloth 1315 Pat, Giles de Crakesloth 1328 Banco, Will. de Crakesloth 1333 SR, Rich. deCrakeslot 1354)