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Reedham Manor, Vaux Manor, and Bozoun Manor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Caister next Yarmouth

Historical Forms

  • maners callid Redham, Vaux, and Bosomes in Caster 1464 Past
  • (de/in) manerijs de Castre vocatis Redehams, Vaux, et Bosomez 1466 ib
  • tenement(e)z called Vaux, Redham and/or Bosoms in Castre 1470 ib


Reedham Manor, Vaux Manor, and Bozoun Manor, maners callid Redham , Vaux , and Bosomes in Caster 1464 Past, (de /in ) manerijs de Castre vocatis Redehams , Vaux , et Bosomez 1466(2x)ib , tenement (e )z called Vaux , Redham and /or Bosoms in Castre 1470(2x)ib ; William, son of Matthew de Reedham , held a messuage and 80 acres of the abbot of St Benet's in 1230 (Blomefield XI204 ff.).The Vaux family settled in England after the Conquest (Blomefield IX38). Vaux is the plur. of French  val , Lat  vallis 'valley'; cf. Robert de Vals , de Vaux Ess, de Wals Nf 1086 DB (v. Reaney s.n.).According to Blomefield (X 81), the first Bozun we meet with in ancient records is Herbert Buzun , a Norman who lived in the reign of King Stephen. In 1292–3 Peter de Bozoun and in 1315–6 John de Vaux had lordships here.