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Golders Green

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hendon

Historical Forms

  • Golders Greene 1612,1619 FF
  • Goulders Green 1680 S
  • Groles Green 1754 R
  • Groles or Godders Green 1790 Stockdale
  • Goldhurst Green 1795 Lysons


Golders Green is Golders Greene 1612, 1619FF , Goulders Green 1680 S, Groles Green 1754 R, Groles or Godders Green 1790 Stockdale, Goldhurst Green 1795 Lysons. The first element is clearly a personal name. No surname Golder has been noted in any record relating to the parish, but in the BlBk we have mention of John le Godere (1321) and in 1371 (FF) of John Godyer of Hendon. Near by is Golders Hill in Finchley (infra 93) which is Godereshill t. Hy 4. It may well be that the green and hill alike took their name from this family God (y )ere , with later corruption to Golder in both cases.