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Dole Street and Dollis Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hendon

Historical Forms

  • Dolstret(e) 1523,1547,1563 SR
  • Dole Street, Doldstreat 1584 HendonSurv
  • Dalys 1563 SR
  • land called the Doles, tenement called Doles 1574 HendonSurv
  • Dallies 1583 PCC
  • Dallys 1584 HendonSurv 1622 Sess
  • Dalis 1593 N
  • Dallehays 1685 HendonSurv
  • Dollis Bridge 1574 ib


Dole Street and Dollis Fm. In 16th and 17th century records we find places called (a) Dolstret (e )1523, 1547, 1563SR , Dole Street , Doldstreat 1584 HendonSurv, (b) Dalys 1563SR , land called the Doles , tenement called Doles 1574 HendonSurv, Dallies 1583 PCC, Dallys 1584 HendonSurv, 1622 Sess, Dalis 1593 N, Dallehays 1685 HendonSurv, (c) Dollis Bridge 1574 ib. It is difficult to reconcile all these spellings or to know whether there is any connection with Dollis Hill in Willesden (infra 161), a few miles away. There is a Sarra Dol mentioned in 1321 (BlBk) and the place may take its name from her family, though the 1574 forms suggest connection with ME  dole , OE  dāl , 'portion,' the reference being to doles or portions of the common field, v. dal .