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Clutterhouse Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hendon

Historical Forms

  • Clyderhous(e) 1445 FF 1523 SR
  • Clyderous 1453 Pap
  • Clitherhouse 1535 VE
  • Clytherhouse, Cletherhouse 1547 LP
  • Clitter House 1649 CantYBiv 1724 Moll
  • Clutter House Farm 1819 G


Clutterhouse Fm is Clyderhous (e )1445 FF, 1523SR , Clyderous 1453 Pap, Clitherhouse 1535 VE, Clytherhouse , Cletherhouse 1547 LP, Clitter House 1649 CantYB iv, 1724 Moll, Clutter House Farm 1819 G. The origin of this name is not certain, but it may well be of manorial origin, deriving from the family of Robert de Cliderhou mentioned in 1311 (FF), the family having come from Clitheroe (La). If this is so, the forms are due to folk- etymology through the influence of the word 'house,' Clyderhou 's becoming Clyderhous (e ).