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Early-attested site in the Parish of Hendon

Historical Forms

  • Blecceanham 951–9 BCS1351 13th
  • Bleccenham 970 14th ib
  • Blechenham 1226,1315 FF
  • Blecheham in Hendon 1302 WDB


Blechenham (lost) is Blecceanham 951–9 (13th) BCS 1351, Bleccenham 970 (14th) ib. 1264, Blechenham 1226, 1315 FF (p), Blecheham in Hendon 1302WDB . 'Blæcca 's ham.' Cf. Bletchley (PN Bk 17). The name was later entirely lost. The bounds in BCS 1351 (v. infra 220–1) show that the place must have been in the south part of the present Hendon parish.