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forby land

Field in the Parish of Worlaby

Historical Forms

  • forby land m16 Cragg
  • Forby Lande 1553 AS
  • Forbie land 1553 AS
  • Forbyland 1843 TA


forby land m16 Cragg, Forby Lande 15531, Forbie land 15532('landcultivated separately from the common field in which it lay', v. forbyland andForby Lande in Elsham f.ns.(b), while Forbyland 1502 is recorded in PN YW 4250 without comment; forbyland is noted in NED s.v., with only two quotations,where the meaning is given as'?extra land', relating the word to the prep. forby'hard by, near' and land. The term is discussed by Adams 87, s.v. forland, whodefines it as'An odd piece of land that did not fit into the normal arrangementand was taken out for rent, but the title was different. These pieces of landusually became pasture closes and were outside the area in the township subjectto a strictly regulated agrarian regime')