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( Nr ) Flotters

Field in the Parish of Worlaby

Historical Forms

  • 1843 TA 1843 TA
  • Flotters c.1580 AS


(Nr) Flotters*, FlottersCl 1843(the last-named is separate from Flotters and Near Flotters, and abutson the Causeway)(Flotters c.1580; the fields so named are in the Carrs, wherethere are a number of drainage channels, so flotter(s) may be from OE  *flodor(ME  *flod(d)er), discussed by Kristensson, SMETT 27, s.n. Flodre, for which hesuggests a meaning'channel', the word itself surviving as dial. flother'swamp', cf.Flathers Meadow PN Wa 368. The development of -d - to -t - would not beunusual, cf. e.g. Cotterstock PN Nth 200–1. A meaning'the channels' or'theswamps' would have been topographically appropriate)