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Wotton brats or meare

Field in the Parish of Croxton

Historical Forms

  • Wotton brats or meare 1601 Terrier
  • wotton brats 1631 Terrier
  • Wooton brates 1662 Terrier
  • witton stighte 1577 Terrier
  • Wotton Steighe 1601 Terrier
  • Wotton steigh 1631 Terrier
  • Wootton stigh 1662 Terrier
  • Wootton Stigh 1664 Terrier
  • Wotton Stea 1690 Terrier
  • witton mere 1577 Terrier
  • wotton meare 1631 Terrier
  • Wotton Mear 1690 Terrier


Wotton brats or meare 1601, wotton brats 1631, Wooton brates 1662(meare is no doubt from(ge)mǣre'a boundary', while brats is from ON  brot'asmall piece of land'), witton stighte 1577, Wotton Steighe 1601, Wotton steigh 1631,Wootton stigh 1662, Wootton Stigh 1664, Wotton Stea 1690(v. stīg, stígr'a path'), witton mere 1577, wotton meare 1631, Wotton Mear 1690(v.(ge)mǣre and cf. Wotton brats supra)(these are all named from the adjoining parish of Wootton)

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