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Wodgat '

Field in the Parish of Burton by Lincoln

Historical Forms

  • Wodgat ' 1196–1205 RA
  • le Wodgate 1324 DC
  • Woodgate Feilde l16 Terrier
  • woodgate feilde l16 Terrier
  • Woodgaite feld 1847 TA 1602 Terrier
  • Woodgate feild 1663 Terrier
  • Woodgate field 1700 Terrier 1703 Terrier 1715 Terrier 1724 Terrier


Wodgat' 1196–1205, le Wodgate 1324, Woodgate Feilde, woodgate feilde l16, Woodgaite feld 1601, 1602, Woodgate feild 1663, Woodgate field 1700, 1703,1715, 1724(cf. Woodgate close in f.ns.(a) supra), Wood garth Field 1666(Wodgat'etc. may have the sense'a path in a wood' or'a path to a wood', but note that in theNorth and North Midlands gate < gata also has the sense'right of pasturage,allotment of pasture', v. wudu, gata, feld; the form of 1666 shows confusion of gatawith garðr).