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le Akerdike

Field in the Parish of Burton by Lincoln

Historical Forms

  • le Akerdike 1324 DC 1847 TA
  • Northe acerdyke Feilde l16 Terrier
  • South acer dyke Furlong l16 Terrier
  • South Acer dyke Furlonge 1610 Terrier
  • North Acredyke Feilde 1610 Terrier
  • North acre Dyke Feild 1666 Terrier


le Akerdike 1324, Northe acerdyke Feilde l16, South acer dyke Furlong l16, South Acer dyke Furlonge 1610, North Acredyke Feilde 1610,North acre Dyke Feild 1666(v. æcer, akr, dík, furlang, feld; for the f.n. acerdik,which is fairly common in L, but is semantically obscure, v. PN L 6 9)