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Burton By Lincoln

Major Settlement in the Parish of Burton by Lincoln

Historical Forms

  • Burton 1086 DB 1253 RAii 1263 FF 1272 VC 1282 Ipm 1285 Ch 1303 FA 1316 Ipm 1316 FA
  • Burton juxta Lincoln 1309 Orig
  • Burton juxta Lincoln' 1291 Tax 1318 Inqaqd Ed3 NI 1363 Inqaqd 1402,1428 FA
  • Burton Iuxta Lincoln' 1332 SR 1343 Ipm 1351 Peace 1374 DCC 1376,1387 Peace 1395 Pat
  • Burton iuxta Linc' 1289 Ass
  • Burton by Lincoln 1299 Ipm 1322 Pat
  • Burton by Lincoln' 1328 Banco 1331 Ch 1343,1361,1383 Ipm 1395,1419,1460,1560 Pat 1652 WillsPCC
  • Burton by Lyncoln 1327 Ipm
  • Burton without Lincoln 1317 Ch
  • Burton next Lincoln' 1491,1502 Ipm
  • Burton nexte Lincoln' 1602 Terrier


OE  burh-tūn 'farmstead, village linked administratively to a burh; settlement belonging to a burh ', for which see VEPN 1 87–8, and note also the remarks of B. Cox, 'The pattern of Old English burh in early Lindsey', Anglo -Saxon England 23 (1994), 35–56, at 35–7. Burton by Lincoln lies at the crest of the scarp of Lincoln Edge on Middle Street two miles to the north of the old town, and could have been associated with a lost burh which covered Lincoln to the north in the same way as Washingborough did to the east (Cox, 40–1). Note also Burton upon Stather (Manley Wapentake LWR, PN L 6 43), Gate Burton (Well Wapentake LWR), Burton Pedwardine (Aswardhurn Wapentake Kest, DLPN 23–4). There is also Burton Coggles (Beltisloe Wapentake Kest), which belongs to OE  byrg-tūn containing the dat.sg. byrg , with the sense 'farmstead, village at the burh' (for early forms, see DLPN 24).