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Limber Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Binbrook

Historical Forms

  • Limber hill 1662 Terrier


LIMBER HILL, Limber hill 1662Terrier , cf. Linbereydale (sic)1244 FF, Limber hill foot e17MiD , Limber hill side , Limber hill Furs 1668Terrier , Limberhill side 1671Terrier , Lymber hillside 1679Terrier , Limber botham 1638Terrier , Lymber fures 1577–80Terrier , limber fures 1612Terrier (v. furh 'a furrow' in the pl.), Limber slacks 1662Terrier (v. slakki 'a shallow valley, etc.'), Limber crosse 1668ib . The 1244 spelling suggests that here Limber is to be compared with Great Limber, PN L 2219, and shows a similar development.It means, therefore, 'the lime-tree hill', v. lind , beorg . A formally possible alternative is 'the hill where flax grown', v. līn , beorg .