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West Langton

Major Settlement in the Parish of West Langton

Historical Forms

  • alia ~ c.1130 LeicSurv
  • West ~ 1211 FF 1243 Cur 1278 Banco
  • ~ West 1316 FA 1327 SR
  • Westere ~, Westre ~ p.1270 Brai
  • West Towne 1564 Nichols


A late civil parish. For forms and interpretation of the place-name Langton, v. East Langton parish supra .

West Langton is recorded as West Towne 1564 Nichols, 'the western township'. The affixes West ~ and Westere ~ are from OE  west 'west' and westerra 'more westerly', so designated in contrast to Church Langton with East Langton supra . Note MLat  alia 'the other' to distinguish West Langton from Church Langton with East Langton supra .