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Major Settlement in the Parish of Scraptoft

Historical Forms

  • Scrapetoft 1043 KCD916 15 S 1200 Cur 1205 Fine 1332 Pat 1348 RTemple 1371(p),1394 Pat
  • Scraptofte 1043 KCD939 15 S
  • Scraptoft 1276 RH 1278 Dugd 1497 Deed 1510 Rental
  • Scrapentot 1086 DB
  • Screpetoft 1191,1192 P 1201,1202 et freq


Possibly 'Skrápi's homestead, curtilage', v. toft ; with the ON  masc. pers.n. Skrápi . However, also possible as the specific is ON  skrap 'scraps, scrapings', perhaps referring to the produce of arid, barren soil (v. Lindkvist 122, 221). Lindkvist notes Norw  dial. skrapmark 'land thinly covered by grass'. The settlement lies on a small area of sand and gravel overlying the predominant Boulder Clay.

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