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Launde Abbey

Early-attested site in the Parish of Launde

Historical Forms

  • Launde Abbey 1586 Plan 1846,1863,1877 White 1925 Kelly
  • Lawnde Abbey 1617 LML
  • Laund Abby 1728 Rental
  • Laund Abbey 1824 O
  • priorie de Launde 1319,1406 Pat
  • priorie de la Launde 1339 ib
  • monasteri de Launde 1397 Pat
  • ecclesiam conventualem de Landa 1319 Pat
  • ecclesie Sancti Johannis Baptiste Launde 1452 ib


Never an abbey but a priory for Augustinian Canons founded 1119 x 1125 by Richard Bassett, its church was dedicated to St John the Baptist.At the Dissolution, the priory became the property of Thomas Cromwell whose family built a mansion on the ruins. Note MLat  prioria 'a priory', MLat  monasterium 'a monastery' and MLat  conventualis 'conventual, belonging to a religious convent', v. abbaye .