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Kingstocke Bridge furlong

Field in the Parish of Kibworth Beauchamp

Historical Forms

  • Kingstocke Bridge furlong 1771 Terrier 1694 Terrier l.17 Terrier
  • Kingston bridge forlong 1745 Terrier
  • Kingston leys c.1715 Terrier c.1720 Terrier


Kingstocke Bridge furlong (sic) 1694, l. 17, Kingston bridge furlong 1708, 1708 (18), 1724, Kingston bridge forlong 1745 (v. brycg, furlang), Kingston leys c. 1715, c. 1720 (v. leys) (in origin perh.' the king's place of assembly', v. cyning, stoc and note the Stow Meadow, infra; stoc may have been replaced in the compound by stān in the sense' a standing stone' which could have been a marker for assemblies; note that Wistow adjoins to the north - west, traditionally the site of the murder of the Mercian prince Wigstan at a royal council meeting in 849; Kibworth Beauchamp with Wistow may well have been part of a large royal estate; but note also the earliest surviving form Kingster 1636 which is recorded for adjoining Smeeton Westerby, which may indicate sterne' property, estate' as the generic)