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Field in the Parish of Kibworth Beauchamp

Historical Forms

  • 1771 Terrier
  • ( upon ) Gricke 1700 Terrier
  • the Grick c.1715 Terrier
  • att Grick c.1720 Terrier
  • Grick furlong 1694 Terrier l.17 Terrier


Grick 1771( (upon) Gricke 1700, (on) Grick 1708, 1708 (18), 1724, 1745, the Grick c. 1715, att Grick c. 1720, Grick furlong 1694, l. 17, Grick Meare 1694, 1745 (v. (ge) mǣre); a pre - English hill - name, PrW   creig' hill', cf. Crick, Nth 68 and Creak Hill in Stonton Wyville f. ns. (b); it is uncertain whether the surviving initial consonant represents the voicing of c > g or is a 17th - cent. misreading of upper case C for G, followed by continual copying in a Glebe Terrier series)