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Field in the Parish of Bottesford

Historical Forms

  • Hatchenesse 1605 Terrier
  • Hatchines 1625 Terrier
  • Hatchins furl ' 1629 Terrier


Hatchenesse 1605, Hatchines 1625, Hatchins furl' 1629 (1712) (v. furlang) (the recurring a in this f.n. suggests that rather than these late spellings representing the common ME   hechinge' part of a field ploughed and sown during the year in which the rest of the field lies fallow', we have a similar formation with a base either OE   hæc (c)' a hatch, a gate' or OE   hæcce' a fence'; earlier forms are needed, but a sense' a fenced - in area' appears to be present)