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Field in the Parish of Bottesford

Historical Forms

  • Cukewoldheuedlond Hy3 Rut
  • chukeuuoldheuidlond e.13 Rut
  • Cokewoldheuidlond Edw1 Rut
  • synnefulheuedland e.14 BelCartA


Cukewoldheuedlond Hy 3, chukeuuoldheuidlond e. 13, Cokewoldheuidlond Edw 1 bis(' cuckolds' headland', v. cukewald, hēafod - land; evidently a well - known secluded and grassy spot for illicit sexual intercourse, which presum. a monk, when making an entry referring to it in the Large Cartulary of Belvoir Priory, preferred to call synnefulheuedland e. 14, v. infra)