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Gold Thorpe

Field in the Parish of Blaston

Historical Forms

  • Goulthrop 1606 Terrier
  • Goltropp Close 1645 Conant
  • Golthorpe Close 1701 Nichols
  • Golthorpe Meadow 1701 Nichols


Gold Thorpe (Goulthrop 1606) (Goltropp Close 1645, Golthorpe Close 1701), Goldthorpe Mdw (Golthorpe Meadow 1701) (v. þorp; earlier forms are needed to interpret the name of this farmstead which lay at the edge of the great South Fd of Blaston, but poss. as its first el. is the ON   masc. pers. n. Gulli, or if created late, then ME   goule (from OE   * gūl)' a stream, a channel', perh. referring to one of the water - courses which form lengths of the south - western and western bounds of the parish; the d of the 19th - cent. spellings appears to be intrusive, but if not, then golde' (marsh) marigold' may also be thought of, or much less likely, the OE   masc. pers. n. Golda (v. Goldthorpe, YW 1 83))