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Major Settlement in the Parish of Great and Little Stukeley

Historical Forms

  • Stivecle 1086 DB
  • Stiuekele(a), Styuekele(a) 1185 P 1318,1320 Ch
  • Parua Stiueclai 1193 FF
  • Stifcle 1199 Cur
  • Magna Steuecle c.1200 BM
  • Stiuecl' Aristotil' 1207 P
  • Stivecle Comitis David 1220 Fees333
  • Stiuekle, Styuekle, Stiuecle 1229,1260 FF
  • Stiuecle juxta Huntyngdone 1306 FF
  • Stivecleya Abbatis 1252 Rams c.1350
  • Steuecle 1326 Ipm
  • Stucle(y), Stukle 1362 Ch 1386 Cl 1433 BM
  • Steyuecle 1421 IpmR
  • Stuecle Minor and Stuecle Major 1428 FA
  • Stewkeley 1529 FF


'Stump-clearing' v. styfic , leah . Cf. Stewkley (Bk) and Styuicleage (Mx) in O.S. Facs. iii, no. 36, 11th c. Stukeley Comitis David from David, Earl of Huntingdon, Abbatis from the holding of the Abbot of Ramsey, who had a holding in Little Stukeley.That of the earl was in Great Stukeley. Magister Aristoteles had a holding in Stukeley in the 13th cent. (Ramsey Cartulary i. 395) and was a clerk in the service of Henry iii.

Places in the same Parish

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