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Major Settlement in the Parish of Glatton

Historical Forms

  • glædtuninga weg 957 BCS1003
  • Glatune 1086 DB
  • Glattun 1158 P c.1200 BM 1217 Pat
  • Glatton 1167 P
  • Glatton cum Holme 1316 FA
  • Gletton 1260 Ass


'Cheerful' or 'pleasant' farm. For the use of the adj. glæd in place-names, cf. a possible instance in Nares Gladley supra 125.The weg or road of the men of Glatton is probably the old cart- track just to the south of Glatton village, along which the bounds of Conington parish still run as they did in the days of the charter from which the extract is taken.

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