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Ellington Thorpe

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ellington

Historical Forms

  • Sybethorp, Sibethorp 1227 ClR 1279 RH 1298 Ipm 1322 ADi
  • Sibbetorp 1227 Ass 1255 For
  • Sybetorp 1236,1241 FF
  • Sibbethorp 1258 FF
  • Elyngton cum Sibethorp 1286 Ass
  • Sibthorpe 1316 FA 1357 Ipm
  • Sibythorpe 1323 ADi
  • Sipthorp 1571 FF
  • Thorp or Sibthorp c.1750 Bowen


'Farm of Sibba (OE) or Sibbi (ON).' It is difficult to say here whether this name contains the English or Danish þorp. The complete absence of any throp forms is somewhat in favour of the latter alternative, and this is confirmed by the existence of another Sibbethorp in the northern Danelaw (now Sibthorpe (Nt)). The later dropping of the name of the owner and the assimilation of the name to a type common in the Danelaw, in which Thorpe is added to the name of a parent village, is to be noted. Cf. Mattersey and the adjacent Mattersey Thorpe (Nt).

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