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Bibbs Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Kimpton

Historical Forms

  • Bibeswrthia late12th BM
  • Bibesword, Bibesworth 1229,1230 Pat
  • Bibbesw(o)rth 1220 Fees 1221 FF 1277 Ch
  • Bybesw(o)rth 1294 SR
  • Bybseworth Hall 1560 FF
  • Bibsworthhall 1700 FF


Bibbs Hall, Bibsworth Hall (Kelly) is Bibeswrthia late 12th BM, Bibesword , Bibesworth 1229, 1230 Pat, Bibbesw (o )rth 1220 Fees, 1221FF , 1277 Ch, Bybesw (o )rth 1294SR , Bybseworth Hall 1560 FF, Bibsworthhall 1700FF .The first element must be the strong form of the personal name Bibba , found in Bigknowle (PN Sx 464), cf. also Bybeswell (PN BedsHu 298). Hence 'Bibbe 's farm,' v. worþ .