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Major Settlement in the Parish of Willersey

Historical Forms

  • Willersey(e), Willersei(a) 709,714 BCS125,130
  • Willersei 1086 DB 1386 Ipm
  • Wyllersei 1445 Pat
  • Long Willersey 1662 Harrowby
  • æt Willereseie, into Wyllerese(i)ge, on Wyllerese(i)ge, of þere ege 840–52 BCS482 c.1200
  • Willerese 1195 P
  • Willeresheye c.1220 GlR
  • on Wyllersege, of Wylleresegge
  • Wylardeseye c.1220 GlR 1286 Episc 1287 Ass
  • Wylardesheye 1248 Ass
  • Willardeseye, Wyllardeseye 1274 RH 1291 Tax 1303 FA
  • Willarsey(e), Wyllarsey(e) 1269 FF 1274 RH 1291 Tax 1577 FF
  • Wilarsey(e), Wylarsey(e) 1327 SR 1342 Heref


The first el. is probably a reduced form of the OE  pers.n. Wilheard ; the OE  forms are from documents of too late a time to carry much weight against the many Wyl (l )ard - spellings; it is hardly likely to be from OE  willere , wyllere 'salt-boiler' as that is a WSax form (corresponding to Angl  wellere ). 'Wilheard's water-meadow or island', v. ēg , probably a piece of higher and drier ground above marshland.