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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wapley & Codrington

Historical Forms

  • Wapelie, Wapelei(a), Wapelie, Wapelai, Wapel', Wapeley(a) 1086 DB Steph Ch 1318 P 1165–95 Ass 1221 FF 1522
  • Wappelei(a), Wappelegia, Wappelai, Wappel', Wappelegh', Wappeley(e) Hy1 Monast 1317 Ch Hy2 P 1318 Glouc 1164 BM 1175–1205 P c.1189 Ass 1204 FF 1221 1497
  • Wap(p)ley 1519 FF 1535 VE 1705 PR


Probably 'clearing by the spring', v. wapol , lēah . OE  wapol in p.ns. is usually interpreted as 'pool, marsh' (as in OFris  wapul 'pool, mire'), but this sense is improbable in Wapley; the word is in fact recorded only in the sense 'bubble', and the meaning 'spring' is therefore likely and appropriate. There are several springs in the immediate vicinity of the hamlet.