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Major Settlement in the Parish of Tredington

Historical Forms

  • Trotintune 1086 DB
  • Trotinton 1185 P
  • Trodington' 1287 Ass
  • Tretinton 1195 P
  • Tredinton(e), Tredintune, Tredington, Tredyngton 1238 FF 1248 Ass 1257 Theok 1284 Episc 1568 FF
  • Treddington 1619 Dep


There has perhaps been some confusion in the spelling of this name and Tredington (Wo 172), which is from an OE  pers.n. Tyrdda . The forms with Tret -, Tred - can hardly be explained by the OE  Trota suggested by Ekwall; but the Trod -, Tred - forms could arise from an OE  pers.n. Treoda (a back-mutated form of Treda ), from the root of OE  tredan , treodan 'to tread', which is found as a theme in OE  Tredewudu (a nickname), in the patronymic of Alwine Treddasunu (Tengvik 164), and possibly in Tredegrove (iii, 136 infra ); OE Treda in BCS 232 is probably an error for Creda , and therefore has no connexion. 'Farmstead associated with Tre (o )da ' v. -ing 4 , tūn . There is, however, better evidence for medial -t - becoming -d - than the reverse (cf. Phonol. § 40a ), but a pers.n. Treota is not evidenced.