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Major Settlement in the Parish of Salperton

Historical Forms

  • Salpretvne 1086 DB
  • Salpretone 1287 QW
  • Salpertune, Salperton(e) 1169 P 1185 Templar 1195 P c.1210 Monast 1221 Ass 1236 Fees 1241 FF 1535 VE
  • Salpartona 1220 Fees
  • Salportona 1321 WinchLB


This difficult name is probably one in which the first el. is a much reduced form. Ekwall has suggested that it is from an OE  sealh-burna 'willow stream'. But since the village is near the Saltway (20supra ) we might well have OE  salt -herepæð as the starting point; the compound salt -herepæð 'salt road' (that is, one used by salt-merchants) occurs only in a charter as salt herpað (KCD 645) and in Saltharperweie (107 supra ); v. tūn 'farmstead'.