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Major Settlement in the Parish of Randwick

Historical Forms

  • Rendewiche 1121 Glouc
  • Rendewik(e), Rendewyke 1135–50 1248 Ass
  • Rendwike, Rendwyke 1535 VE 1538 FF
  • Rindewice, Ryndewice, Ryndewyk(e) 12 Glouc 1216 ClR 1220 Fees 1308 FF
  • Randewyk' 1248 Ass
  • Randwicke 1635 PR
  • Ronewyke 1494 FF
  • Ronwi(c)ke 1556 ib
  • Ranwyke 1526 FF 1535 VE
  • Renwike 1547 Pat
  • Renwyke als. Rendwyke 1576 FF
  • Runnick 1713,1715 PR


Probably from an OE  *rend , a fem. -stem form of OE  rand 'edge, border', perhaps used of the edge of a wood or district. Randwick is just below the extensive Standish Wood and in DB it was apparently an outlying part of Standish. It is near the boundary of Whitstone and Bisley Hundreds. Some such sense as 'dependent farm on the border' is most appropriate (v. wīc ). OE  rend would best account for the variant spellings, with Rand - as a substitution of the unmutated word (which persisted as Ran - or WMidl  Ron -) and Rind - having a common raising of -e - to ME  -i - before the nasal (Phonol. § 14); Runnick is probably a late dial. development of Rin - (Phonol. § 24).

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