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Early-attested site in the Parish of North Cerney

Historical Forms

  • Kalemundesdene, to Calmundesdene 852 BCS466 13th
  • Calemundesdene 12 WinchLB 1190 ADiv 1220 Fees 1231 Cl c.1320 GlCh 1327 SR
  • Calamondesdene 13 CirenD3d
  • Calmondesden(e) 1220 Fees 1287 QW 1403 FF
  • Chalmundesden' 1287 Ass
  • Calemdesdene 1221 WinchLB
  • Calemonden' 1287 Ass
  • Calmesden(e) 1379 GlChii,17 1434 Monast 1439 Pat 1584 Comm


'Calumund's valley', v. denu . The OE spelling makes it probable that we have, as Ekwall suggests, an OE  pers.n. Calumund from a name-theme OE  calu 'bald', not otherwise found in dithematic pers.ns. except in Calunōð in Candleshoe (L, Ekwall), and the common theme -mund . The only other evidence for such a pers.n. is in the local surname of John de Calmundecote of Cirencester (1248Ass 1d).