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Major Settlement in the Parish of Maugersbury

Historical Forms

  • Meilgaresbyri' 714 BCS130 16th
  • æt Mæþelgares byrig 949 BCS882 orig.
  • into Mædelgares byrig 11 KCD1365 c.1200
  • Maðelgæresbyri 1016 KCD723 14th
  • Malgeresberie 1086 DB
  • Malgaresbur(i), Malgaresbiria, Malgaresbyr', Malgaresbury(e) e.13 ChronEv 1234,1251 Ch 1291 Tax 1327 SR 1590 FF
  • Malgarsbury 1374 Rent248 1548 FF 1575 TRMB
  • Malgarysburye 1543 AOMB
  • Melgeresbiria, Melgeresbiry 1230 Bracton 1260 FF
  • Malgerbury(e) 1544 LP 1584 Comm
  • Mawgersbury(e), Maugersbury(e) 1557,1572 FF 1682 PR
  • Malgersbury 1635 Inq


'Mæthelgar's fortified place', v. burh . There might have been an OE  pers.n. Mæþelgār , but, though mæþel 'speech, council' is a common noun, it is not found as an OE name-theme as the cognate word is in OG  pers.ns. like Madalger ; Mæþelgār might well be an OE adaptation of the OG name (cf. Mangotsfield iii, 98infra , which presents similar difficulties); the OG name was certainly common in England from the time of DB (Forssner 184). The site of the burh is still visible; cf. Northbury (224infra ).